Microsoft Windows98

Network and Dialup Configuration For On-Site / SurfNJ Internet Customers

[Suggestion: This step procedure should be printed-out and followed while actually performing the setup. You can view a text format of these instructions for printing by clicking here.]

Note: In the following discussion, click means to click the LEFT mouse button, right click means to click the RIGHT mouse button.

The first thing to do is double-click the My Computer icon. If there isn't a Dial-Up Networking icon, click here. If there is, then skip step 2 by clicking here.

Installing Dial-Up Networking

To install Dial-Up Networking, double-click Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel which is in My Computer. A window will come up with three tabs. Click the 'Windows Setup' tab

Double-click Communications and a window will appear. Put a check in the Dial-Up Networking box:

Click 'Ok' for the Comminications window, then 'Ok' for the Add/Remove Programs window. You might need your 'Windows95 CD-ROM' so your computer can copy the necessary files. Once your computer finishes copying files close your My Computer window and reopen it. There should now be a Dial-Up Networking icon in your My Computer window:

Proceed to step 3.

Setting Up Dial-Up Networking

Double-click Dial-Up Networking. A window will appear with either a 'Welcome to Dial Up Networking...' message or a Make New Connection icon.

Once the Setup Wizard is complete, an On-Site / SurfNJ icon will be in your Dial-Up Networking window.

You must now right-click the On-Site / SurfNJ icon an a pop up menu will appear.

Click 'Properties' and an On-Site / SurfNJ window will appear. Click the Server Types tab or button (it's a button if you have an older version of Windows95)

Under 'Advanced Options' only 'Log on to Network' should be checked.
Under 'Allowed Network Protocols' only 'TCP/IP' should be checked.
Now click the TCP/IP Settings button

There should be a dot next to 'Server assigned IP address' and a dot next to 'Specify name server addresses'. The 'Primary DNS' field should have the number and the 'Secondary DNS' field should have the number should be in the Primary and Secondary WINS fields and 'Use IP header compression' and 'Use default gateway on remote network' should be checked. Click 'OK' out of TCP/IP Settings and 'OK' out of the remaining open windows until you see the Dial-Up Networking window again. Once again right-click the On-Site / SurfNJ icon and click 'Create Shortcut' and a window will appear

Click 'Yes' and an icon will be on your desktop.
Close Dial-Up Networking and proceed to step 4.

In the My Computer window double-click the Control Panel icon to open the Control Panel window.

  In the Control Panel window double-click the Network icon.

A message will appear about TCP/IP:

Under 'The following network components are installed' look for 'Dial-Up adapter' and 'TCP/IP'. (If neither of these are installed click here.) Double-click 'TCP/IP' and a 'TCP/IP Properties' window will appear with tabs. Under the 'IP Address' tab, there should be a dot next to 'Obtain an IP address automatically'.

Click the 'DNS Configuration' tab and click on 'Enable DNS'. Under 'Host' anything can be in the field, but it must be all lower cased. For 'Domain' type ''. Go down to the 'DNS server search order' and to the left of the 'Add' button type and click 'Add'. The number you typed should now be in the bigger box below. In the same place where you typed the previous number, type and click 'Add' again. Finally, go down to 'Domain suffix search order' and to the left of the 'Add' button type '' and click 'Add'.

Finally, click the 'WINS configuration' tab and 'Disable WINS resolution' should be dotted.

The other tabs are of no importance so you can leave them the way they are. If you want to see how they might look click here. Click 'OK' out of TCP/IP Properties and 'OK' out of the Network window. Your computer should be copying files and will ask you to restart. Click 'Yes' to resarting your computer.

Once your computer is finished booting up, double-click the Shortcut to On-Site / SurfNJ icon. Fill in you username and password and click the 'Connect' button. Once connected double-click your Internet Explorer icon which is the globe with the magnifying glass usually called 'The Internet' or your Netscape icon if you have Netscape. From here you can surf the Internet.

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