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Setup for Netscape Navigator, Personal Edition

The Purpose of this document is to aid customers of On-Site / SurfNJ who are wishing to use our Internet access services. These instructions should make it much easier to configure the software so that an Internet connection can be established. While we do not guarantee that your all software will work, we can guarantee that we will try and help you find a solution for getting you connected through us.

A word about Netscape Navagator PE

Netscape Navigator PE is essentially a suite of applications.

Netscape Navigator:
*Is a WWW browser with several other protocols built in.
*It will do standard and advanced WWW browsing, Newsgroup reading, and in the newest versions (3.0) fully supports mail (both send and recieve) capababilities.
*It is our opinion that for most users Netscape will provide an easy entry level application for enjoying the Net.
*It is shareware available freely on the Net as a standalone App. What you don't get with the Free Version is Product Support form Netscape. (See the license requirements on the product itself).
Eudora Lite:
* A very nice but freely available mail program which one can get from the net.
A dialer:
*We have found that if you configure the dialer to "dial on demand" you will have trouble with Eudora getting the mail.
FIX: disable "dial on demand", or bring up Netscape first, then Eudora

Installation Notes

The newest versions do allow you to hook up to an existing account easily. Basically, Netscape Navigator PE is a moving target with new versions shipped fairly often. If you have trouble, we will attempt to help you, but the Netscape Hotline is the best place to go for tougher problems. Give us a call first!

For the earlier Versions

If Netscape doesn't install properly on your system, you may need to edit the *.sr file and do some other work detailed below

Once the program has completed the file copy from the installation disks to your hard drive, a program group is created in the Program manager with icons for Eudora mail and Netscape. Stop the Account Wizard at this point.

Syntax used for these instructions
<MenuName> will be the name of the Netscape/Dialer menu
{MenuChoice} is the menu and the submenu name
[chooseName] is the dialog button or choice to click
(DialogBoxName) Name of the Dialog box you should be filling in
"text" is the text you type into a text box, usually in a dialog box, by clicking your mouse in the text box window to activate it, then type in the string between the quotes. Type these exactly.
#text are comments to help you on the way.

Setup of the Dialer Icon

From Program Manager: Be sure the Netscape program group windows is open and selected (the title bar will be the "focus" color).



          [Program Item]Checked


          {Program Item Properties}

               [Description] "Dialer"

               [Command Line]

               "C:\netscape\dialer\dialer.exe default.sr"


This will create a new program Icon in your Netscape group for the Dialer application. It is the Dialer where we will complete the process.

Start the Dialer and configure the and choose the modem that is the closest to your modem. Add in the rest of the menu boxes as you go, looking in each menu, filling in the choices from the Data Sheet that On-Site / SurfNJ sent you with your account notification.

Try and connect. If you cannot, you probably will need to go on to the rest of these instructions. If you connect successfully, you need not go on.

Unfortunately, Netscape delivered many versions of this program which produces a faulty c:\netscape\dialer\default.sr file. We will need to go into that file and correct a few items. In the example default.sr file below you will find notes (comments after the # symbol) that will alert you to possible trouble areas. This example file has the correct entries except for personal information which will be different for individual users of our service. Compare and change your default.sr file in notepad or some other ASCII text editor. Instructions follow:

In Program Manager:



          [Command Line] "notepad c:\netscape\dialer\default.sr"

          #this should load the file default.sr into

          notepad. If it does not, perhaps you'd need to

          change the drive designator in the path to the

          file "d:\netscape\dialer\default.sr"

Compare this file and change as necessary with the example file below. After you have made the changes be sure to save the file. Exit Notepad and try and dial up. You should get connected now. If not give us a call.

Begin Sample default.sr file

[Dial-In Configuration]



Name=user_name    #Place your user name here if it isn't already

Password=spe44ou  #this will always be coded so don't worry.

Phone=1234567     #Put your own access number for On-Site / SurfNJ

CurrentLocation=Default Location







DomainName=On-Site / SurfNJ.net

DNSAddress2= 	#Add this line




SecurityDevice=yes  #Be sure there are no spaces in this line

[Location:Default Location]


DisableCallWaitingDTMF=*70,,  #Only if you need to

Phone=(908) 1234567





location0=Default Location

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