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Setup for Internet in a Box, V2.0

The Purpose of this document is to aid customers of On-Site / SurfNJ who are wishing to use our Internet access services. These instructions should make it much easier to configure the software so that an Internet connection can be established. While we do not guarantee that your all software will work, we can guarantee that we will try and help you find a solution for getting you connected through us.

These instructions are for the Internet in a Box version 2.0. Previous versions use the same syntax, the menus to access these settings may be slightly different, but the answers to the questions are the same. All of the setting mentioned below MUST be filled in wherever they are located. Missing settings will lead to problems!

Automatic Configuration In The Install

Part of the installation process for IBOX there an "Instant Access" Account program which will run automatically after the install copies the files to your hard disk. You must choose Set up an Existing Account instead. This then brings up a series of Dialog Boxes which you fill in. If the program asks you for a Credit Card Number at any time, you have taken a "wrong turn" somewhere. Don't fret. You can cancel this automated process and configure from the Dialer as indicated below. The answers to the questions asked are found on the configuration settings listed on the Data Sheet you received from us when you established your account. The configuration information below should be easy to follow in this process. The information below is for configuring the program from the Dialer Application, but since the dialog boxes are the same the information there is useful in the install process as well. It is possible to easily setup your ShenTel Account information in the Dialer Application which has been installed on your computer. The Dialog boxes the install program shows you are the same ones which can be found in the dialer menus. We will try and make it as clear as possible where your data sheet numbers belong in these Dialog Boxes.

Configuring The Dialer (Config icon)

Connections to all Service Providers are of two types: Automatic with the help of scripts; and manual, where you type in your username and password as prompted. We show you how to create scripts in the software if that is the method you would like. You may choose to manually login to be sure that your connection is working first, then go back and create the scripts as required. Most software vendors allow easy methods of creating these scripts. Directions for Scripting appear below.

Older versions of IBOX create an icon in the Spry(Air) Group in the Program Manager for configuring your system. This Icon generally looks like "Rubric's Cube" and should be named something like "Config". The Dialog boxes here are much the same as in the newer versions and should be easy to recognize. Again, remember to be careful to look at all the options buttons. Windows has a way of hiding little important dialog boxes. Look carefully at every dialog box, go into every possible option button and cancel back out of it if it doesn't apply or is already filled in properly.

The First time you start the dialer after you install the programs, you may get a series of dialog boxes presented to you. This will happen if the program does not have the configurations it needs (perhaps from a faulty install process). You can use the Dialer or Config Icon to re- configure your system at any time. These instructions are for the 4.0 version of the Dialer program. The older Config program will offer you a set of Buttons from which you choose, but they lead to similar dialog boxes. You can fill in the information from the menus as follows:

Syntax used for these instructions
<MenuName> will be the name of the dialer menu
{MenuChoice} is the menu and the submenu name
[chooseName] is the dialog button or choice to click
(DialogBoxName) Name of the Dialog box you should be filling in
"text" is the text you type into a text box, usually in a dialog box, by clicking your mouse in the text box window to activate it and then type in the string between the quotes.
#text are comments to help you on the way


     {Setup} (Modem Setup): In the drop down dialog box,

choose the modem which is installed in your computer. Use the

Hayes generic modem if yours is not listed.

     {Custom} ignore this one

     {Port Setup)(Communications Port Setup) choose the

          appropriate com port for your computer,

          usually com1 or com2.

          The port speed drop down should be:

               for 14400 modems [38400]

               for 28800 modems [57600]

          {Advanced} accept the defaults, make sure hardware

          flow control is on.


     {Dialer Setup}(Dialer Setup) Should be filled in as


          #these entries are correct for all ShenTel customers,

	  fill # in exactly as below.

          Phone number "as on your data sheet"

          IP address:      Netmask:

          Name Server 1:   Name Server 2:

          Your Host Name: any_name    Domain name: On-Site / SurfNJ.net

          {Timers} ignore for now

          {Interface}(Network Interface) Choose [PPP]

               {Settings}(PPP Settings) choose [None]

                    {Advanced} ignore for now

     {Login Setup}(Login Setup) choose [Auto].

          You must now make a script:

          [New](Auto Login Event)

               [Wait for:] "ogin:"  #don't type in the ""

               [Response:] "user_name"  #your username from the

                   data sheet

               [Send Response, do not prompt] #checkbox


          [New](Auto Login Event)

               [Wait for:] "word:"  #don't type in the ""

               [Response:] "passwd"  #your password from the

                   data sheet, case sensitive.

               [Send Response, don not prompt] #checkbox

               [Start Packet Mode after:][15] seconds


          # You Should be back at the {Login Setup} dialog box


     {Interface} Ignore we've already done this elsewhere.

Now your are finished with configuring IBOX, even written your own script to login to On-Site / SurfNJ. You should be able to hit the Dial Button and connect with us. Try it. If this doesn't work, go through the dialog boxes again and make sure they all have the correct information as above.

Here are the same directions in English (without all the brackets etc.)if that is easier for you to read:

Network/Dialer Setup:

     Click Interface button at the bottom

          Click PPP radiobutton


     Click the Timers button at the bottom

          You may want to change the default timings

          for deactivating your connection.

Network/Login menu:

     Click Auto radiobutton

     At bottom screen create a login script:

          Choose new

          type   "ogin" in the Wait for: text box

          type "2" in the ...pause: text box

          type  in Response: text box

          options: choose send response, do not prompt (NONE)

          click OK button

          You'll then see a new line in the script box, You

          must now choose the New button to create a second line:

          type   "word:" in the Wait for: text box

          type "2" in the ...pause: text box

          type  in Response: text box

          options: choose send response, do not prompt (NONE)

          check the Start Packet Mode after: checkbox

          type in "15" in the seconds text box

          (it may already be there)

          chose OK button

          Choose OK button in the Login Setup

Network/Interface Menu

     Click PPP radiobutton

     Click Settings button

          Click None radiobutton

          Click the Advanced button

               Click the Active Open radiobutton

               (default, accept other default settings.)

               Click OK, OK again.

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