On-Site - Surfin America, LLC. Internet Access offers a low priced business grade, dial-up plan, which allows users to connect over standard telephone lines at high speeds using point-to-point protocol (PPP). On-Site - Surfin America, LLC. POPs support 56Kflex/V.90 Technology, allowing the fastest connections at No Extra Charge.

Our risk-free, 21 day, dial-up, money-back guarantee allows you to try our services, and if you are not 100 percent satisfied within the first twenty one days we will refund our charges with no fuss or hassle.

Our no-busy-signal policy ensures that users receive the highest availability possible by carefully monitoring the user to modem ratio. To ensure that we are doing our job we also encourage our users to call us if they experience busy signals.

All Providers have fine print. Here is ours:

  • All plans billed in 3, 6 or 12 month increments.

  • These account are accepted only with credit card payment terms.

  • Statements will be emailed only upon billing.

  • One time $25 account setup fee included with first billing.

  • Every administrative change made at customer's request requires a $25 charge.

  • WWW "Hits" over 150 MB per month will be charged $10 per 50 MB.

  • Extra Mailboxes may be added at a charge of $2.00 each per month, plus $10 setup.

  • This account may not be used with servers. It is for interactive use only as determined by On-Site - Surfin America, LLC.'s sole discretion.

  • Accounts used in violation of On-Site - Surfin America, LLC.'s Acceptable Use Policy or contrary to On-Site - Surfin America, LLC.'s Terms and Conditions of Sale will be Terminated without Refund. Additionally, violators will be subject to prosecution and other remedies as provided by Law.

  • Accounts are automatically renewed until cancelled in writing with 30 day notice.

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To communicate with our dial-up services, a modem and some software of your choice must be installed at your site. More information is provided on our Signup Page. To avoid telephone toll charges, our points of presence (POPs) now offer local access NATIONWIDE!

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